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EAT is the largest and most Engaging Community of Eco-Entrepreneurs in the world! You can join our EAT Community today by just giving us your name and email to get started. Livecast Webinars for 10+ hours per week from world thought leaders and "doers" who are on the forefront of environmental techniques and technologies.

Here are some of the teachers, coaches, and entrepreneurs you will be learning from when you sign up for this community...

Mark Shepard - Forrest Ecology Expert and Author of Restoration Agriculture
Dave Roeser - Multiple time award winner and veteran survivor in the Controlled Environment Agriculture industry
William Horvath - the famous "Permaculture Apprentice"
Vail Dixon - Soil Fertility and grazing Goddess
Will Harris - White Oak Pastures
Evan Folds - Progressive Farmer and Bioenergetics expert
Neal Spackman and Raleigh Latham hosting the Sustainable Design Masterclass Series
Sara Myer, Forest Raised Chicken Farmer
Wayne Dorband, PhD, Ecological Aquaculture and Entrepreneurship

...and more to be announced!

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We can't be the best for you without always having more. So what else does EAT FREE have:
  • Skip the travel. Learning online means that you can start taking action from wherever you are in the world.
  • Premium courses - We are working hard to build the best environmental and ecological business community we can. That means giving you access to world class teachers at pennies on the dollar. 
  • Exclusive news, offers, and event invites to help you build your business. 
  • Live Q&A Sessions every week.
  • We have live events around the world, just like Meetups but better - EATUPS!
  • And more to be announced...

Here's what some people are saying about The EAT Community:

"This Community has helped change my life! Members have helped me more than I could ever imagine. The information here is worth so much - and it's FREE!"

Lesley Laws, Spain
Homesteader and Activist

"Absolutely one of the best and most comprehensive presentations on operating a small farm, the economics of it, and how to scale production, I've ever seen. Bravo..."

Bryant Redhawk, USA

"Thanks so much Wayne and all the Presenters. This is the most information rich group I know about online or offline. I really appreciate being a part of EAT. I recommend lifetime membership in this group for anyone who wants to learn how to be productive and profitable in agriculture, or even simply "homesteading", or making a living from the land."

Marvin Weber, Canada

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We're building the EAT Community because we wished we had access to such a powerful network years ago. The best time to start was years ago, the second best time is today, and the worst is tomorrow. Sign up to start taking action on important environmental projects now.

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